29 December 2006

Christmas 2006

Wonderful Christmas and thank the Lord it's over and my liver and digestion can return to its *normal* rocky road.

See below this post for more shots.

  • London ~ Tuscany ~ London ~ tail-end of my Kerkira buddies' knees-up.
  • Booze and baccy of the finest, courtesy of mine brother and mine host of the most discerning and generous.
    • No bottle allowed to approach quarter drained sans a replacement.
    • Music of the finest on an invisible sound system that rocked the foundations as Caesar's legions might have as they tramped by AD whenever.

Weather of the gloriousest, allowing al fresco drinks on the terrace as we mused on last year's knee-high snow

  • Prezzies galore ("Oh, you shouldn't have ..." "Hold on, I'm just opening yours to me ... oh, right, I shouldn't.")

    No pics of London frolics because they exceed excess, speaking of which, binge boozing among les filles has now reached epic proportions and no man is safe from either being beaten up by some drunken slagette or having his Hush Puppies drenched in their vomit.

    London lovely if you know where to look and clog yer ears against the appalling estuary anglais they now utter. Posted by Picasa

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