02 December 2006

Win '95 launch

I have few claims to fame of having been anywhere when stuff happened, but I was in the engine room of the launch of Windows '95, thanks to nice Waggener-Edstrom ('tech PR to the wired gentry') having hired me, still dripping from swimming ashore from my Hong Kong sampan, as senior account executive.

Wagg-Ed was the PR company 'of record' (whatever that means) for Microsoft, thanks to Pam Edstrom having worked with Bill G. Both she and Melissa Waggener were ace bosses and leaders, and my colleagues were unbeatable. A truly talented company.

I ended up with the Visio account and then Visual FoxPro that got me onto MS's campus and meeting all sorts of competent champs half my age and thrice my energy.

It ended in tears: Netscape moved up on the inside track and we were suddenly into the browser wars for which I had no skills or knowledge.

Hefty handshake and out I went to lounge around and temp a bit before m'lud Jeff of Bezosia set up shop and I found myself in a cubicle churning out blurbs and taking phone calls in my fluting Oxford tones. Another great job and another bunch of ace colleagues.

Anyway, I'll always have a soft spot for that Win95 package.

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