02 December 2006


I'm such a moaner.

I grind on and on about loathsome yardwork but it's not like I can't just hurl the tools to the ground and march off in petulant sulk.

And some of the views are really pretty nice for one who affects to be in a botanical chain gang.
I trough and sluice when and as I please.
And this gig, editing the church website ... I have a pretty nice cubicle with mod cons and all that.

I was looking at this pic and remembering one I have of the piratical Zach Works in similar pensive pose, taken on a 'take your spitfire to work' day when A came up to PacMed and they all went out to play frisbee.
That was the day the Spitfire pronounced Master Works as 'hot' and the divine JV showed her how to run in a skirt.

A pretty useful nay essential skill, i'd say, for one whose smile alone would make a preacher lay the Good Book down.

Ah, that Julie .... Posted by Picasa

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