20 December 2006

Online Grotto.co.uk

Speaking of the sainted 'Zon, a nifty bit of non footwork by its British boss, Brian McBride, as he lures mistresses Miles and Rumbelow into delivering yet another of those leaden interviews that are such a trademark of prefects of Bezosia. Jeff must insist that any promotion is back up by inarticulacy and dullness.

I like the interview for its juicy upfront plug for .co.uk's sex toys section, "quietly added to the site six weeks ago."

Gosh, I remember buying all my gal pals' fripperies from Ann Summers, so it's good to see her on the Amazon site. How old must Ann be these days?

Psst, I do think it's going a bit far including Harry Mount's Amo Amas Amat with the sex toys pages, even if he does proclaim his book as THE route to becoming a latin lover.

I didn't find the 'Zon that coy about its excellent addition: I just punched in "sex toys" and started from there.

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