14 December 2006

Droles Paroles

To keep the ball rolling, and show that it's not just a spectator sport, NASTURTIUM has long been a giggler for me.

By way of guidelines, and I'm ready to be guided here, I think these words should be basically serious - the pompous the better - rather than easy-peezy stuff like 'codswallop' or 'gob-smacked' or 'prattle'.

Let the games begin.


Anonymous said...

antideluvian; prelapsarian

Anonymous said...

oops, that's antediluvian, isn't it?

Busker said...

Nope. But I run them to warn off others.
People, i want *funny*.
(Ooh, I'm going to cop it from Wells-sahib for this. But it's my party and I'll decry if i want to)

Ashley said...

Mmmm… Turdus migratorius? It's not so funny to me now but as a kid I found it a crack-up. The repeaters (sounds) make me slightly amused still.

Pica pica. Mus musculus.

Mus mus. Mus mus.

They're names though so probably shouldn't count.

Anonymous said...

Oh, funny. The only really funny words I know are yiddish, and one of my favorites is "paskuniak." Loosely translated as a schmuck with evil intentions.