18 December 2006

Sahib or Sahibette?

Natch, le tout Kerkira agog at CNN's reportage of the he/she sprinter from the sub-continent.

Wells-sahib will have the inside track on this but I have more immediate queries.

Seems to me some deuced slippery reportage on this bizarre controversy. I mean, is she or isn't he?

What tests are needed except a disinterested exploratory paw down her panties and if she's packing a johnson and a brace of brass monkeys, c'est ca, non?

Less than meets the eye here, I'm wagering.

A fellow athleterene spoke in her defence, saying that it isn't her fault so much as the Indian sports council who should have conducted an official check and saved the lithe darling all this hoo-hah.

The lady herself expresses herself confused and unaware of what it's all about.

Again I say, surely a leisurely fondle after lights-out would have alerted her/him to which side she was batting for?


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