18 December 2006

alexandros street

Greek Internet Usage

You never know, you could be nursing your pint of Theakstons in the snug bar of the 'Gilded Merkin' ("Fine ales to the gentry since 1764"), or at a loss for conversation on the Bainbridge ferry, and some wag pipes up, "Gee, I wonder what the figures are for those online Greeks?" and bingo, you'll be the club bore with the answer.

  • Population: Last census seems to have been in 1991 when the figure was 10,264,156, an increase of 524,000 (5.4 percent) over 1981.

    In 1991, population density was 78.1 persons per square kilometer--a misleading statistic because much of Greece's mountainous territory is uninhabited.

  • 25% of Greeks surf for information.
  • 61% use it as a work tool, 64.1% for email and chatrooms. Fewer for online purchases, travel and entertainment.
  • 24% of total Greek users are women
  • Men: 76%
  • 8% of users are over 50.
  • 41.3% in the 25-34 age range
  • 35-44 make up 26.8%
  • 90% go online on a daily basis, mainly from home (59.9%) and the workplace (36.9%).
  • I don't need interpret for you the blissful unwiredness those numbers convey.
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