17 February 2008

10 quid licence to smoke

i can hardly get myself to pronounce the name of the wretched verminous country that manages to humiliate itself with idiot ideas like this - a required licence to smoke, deliberately complicated to complete, to boot.

words fail me - which will be good news for most of my readers.

Can't people like this slip on pavements or walk in front of buses or catch colds that get mysteriously worse or involved in that catch-all, a mugging 'that went badly wrong' (ie right) or look the wrong way or not mind the gap or be in the wrong place at any wrong time or ... surely the god of freak accidents can't be *that* busy not to be able to pop over to Legislation Hall and meddle with Fate.

Honestly, this is a country doomed to mockery and contempt, or just doomed ....

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