12 February 2008

sir paul and lady M

The Unsatiable Stump

This blog has never skirted the tasteless route or detoured from delight in lack of decorum.

The McCartney barney is a doozy.

Former model, harridan Heather appeared Monday in the High Court to settle her whang-clang divorce battle with Sir Paul.

I love the idea of the uni-limbed hottie being "insatiable" in bed and laughing about being "pursued" by Macca even while 'romancing' that tattle-tale film editor.

Of course Ms Mills was an 'enthusiastic lover' - the gutter press allows of no other kind - and it's only natural that she showed off text messages from future tunesmith hubbie.

I do hope the forthcoming grilling in court focuses with utmost energy on Heather's "unusual erogenous zone — her stump".

Oh and do let's have high-definition Youtube sharing of that private home video of their time in India.

But you know what's going to get Paul's goat more than anything and this whole sordid business going to the mat? Hearing himself dissed as an "old bloke" with whom Stumpy was only in love for what Paul could do for her.

Let battle commence. This one has legs.

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