23 February 2008

Cubicle Decor

For my Amazon buds, who will "relate". Decatur Redux.

The sleeping bag one will "resonate".

(Who says I've lost all my Merkan phrases?)

Dept of D'Oh!: One St Paddy's Day - March 17, get the green Guinness ready - I had been 'misled' by Julie's wing-gurl who secretly let me know that O'Vick was as Oirish a colleen as they come and v proud of her Emerald ancestry.

  • I festoon her cubicle in t' Green.
  • Enter that adorable dragon.
  • Bafflement.
  • She hadn't a drop of the Liffey coursing thru those Colorado veins.
  • Humiliated. Felt like slitting mine.
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