04 February 2008


Phil Johns ~ Still Life with Guitar 

Phil Johns' "Still Life with Guitar".


Anonymous said...

from that triple timing krautette?? you sure know how to pick 'em
get over it

Busker said...

eh? what a nasty comment; i wish i knew who you were.
this is from my most favourite woman friend of 36 years, met when she was serving behind the bar in a pub off Red Lion Sq London WC, and I was publicising Cassell publishers books. Michael Catt said I should have married her but she was too classy for me so we just stayed really close friends, so watch it with the insults.

if you knew *anything* about the crazy relationship between me and the 'krautette' as you put it, you'd know she didnt and would never send me a card or a prezzie or anything.

and i do know how to pick 'em - except this one picked me - and she was wonderful, until she wasnt wonderful any more, but while she was i skated on clouds. so bleaggh to you and ... just bleagghh.

Busker said...

triple timing eh? i never knew that but you did ... interesting. i must check out who knows her that well ... i dont know anyone who knows her that well ... Molly? Irish Sandra?
On the other hand, 'Krautette' isnt their language, it's my language ... or, hmmm, let me shove some Segovia on and ponder this one. I want to get to the bottom of this, even it requires closing this entire blog down and devoting myself to good works.