11 February 2008

christophoulos in happier times


And I was so hoping to keep it away from y'all and maintain the myth I've been peddling about lolling in the cradle of democracy and all things honest and good.

Now it's #1 popular story on the Reuters site.

Oh lawdy, we're all *over* the place. You name it, we've scandalised it.

Let me go with the sex one and leave the dodgy stock sales for another day ...

Lady sleeps with boss for government ministry job. Boss reneges (beeg mistake, Hell hathing no whatsit ...), lady tapes liaisons and commences blackmail proceedings.

Goes to Greek media with the film but they show her the door, then one hack makes a copy and plonks it in the prime minister's office. Feydeau Moliere ain't in it.

DVD arrives in PM Karamanlis' office, whereupon the official in question - General Secretary of our soi-disant Culture Ministry, hippo-sized Christos Zachopoulos - resigns and then chucks himself off a high (but not high enough) balcony. He is now recovering in hospital and my bet he is prolonging the recuperation.

Read the rest for yourself ...

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