17 February 2008

Ask Men

Ha ha, I've just realised that this itself sounds like something out of the Askmen advice column: "Ladies love men who make an effort to find out how to woo them."

Reading Askmen.com shows you care and will have them perching on your lap as you surf the pages. Oh, and why not go through letters from other lovelorns and answer them together?

I'll probably take it down in a few days but here goes.top

I'd come from another site (yeh, that's what they all say) and flipped thru the pages and scoped some of the beauties and then just left - no, it was in my History.

Now, we live off the beaten track and are en route to town for a number of unwired types here, including wimmin who have taken to popping in and using my 'puter because I work upstairs and leave it on all day.

The other day a lady came to look up some cookery thing and jokily said OK let's see what porn you've been surfing, and hit History. Boy did I bellow her out - I mean, supposing I *had* built up a wealth of hits, I would have looked a right lecher. Silence in the back row. As it is, I have been around young ladies long enough - I mean really young, I mean like 13, ok? - and I know the default action they perform when they visit each other (at least round Queen Anne and Ballard) is to have a giggle over respective Dads' visiting habits.

Anyway, there was Ask Men and she raised an arch brow and said "You surprise me - why do you need to read this sort of thing?" which is terribly flattering if you think about it and also a bit of a come-on because she's basically saying you're cool. I mean, if she didnt think you were attractive she'd go like Yeah, that figures.

So I did my pathetic moue thing and asked Whadyamean why do i read it? Because I get *nowhere* with the ladies and this has bags of good advice.

"Oh poor diddums. Like what good advice?" so we went thru it and it was pretty dreadful advice and clearly aimed at *Americans* because no self-respecting Britisher (or Britette) would take it seriously.

So this lady was critiquing the answers and telling me what would work for *her* and it got pretty intimate, except that we're not on those terms but it would be nice to be.

So I got to thinking that it would be amusing to add 'Ask Men' as if I took it seriously (it's for a friend) and also casually leave it open from time to time to see who thinks "Aah the diddums, the guy needs help.

Is true!

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