10 October 2008

As any sonic foulard kno

By the necktie of Agios Nektarios, I haven't chuckled for so long.

Check out this Antoine Dufour cove. Talented enough plunker, nothing special. But what about that daft scarf dangling there? Naff colour, drab design, and badly tied, to boot. But still, no law against that.

But scroll down to where someone has actually singled the scarf nonsense out for mockery, and then read the RevNasty's glorious rib tickling rationale response.

Quoth the Rev,

"The bandana/scarf isn't a stage prop. It serves a sonic function for Antoine by preventing sustain of the strings beyond the nut.

Its a shame your attention is so easily swayed from a talented musician. Give it another go and ignore the bandana for your own sake. He's brilliant!"

And the reply:

"I *love* the 'sonic function/sustain beyond the nut' rationale and will raid my lady's boudoir for some floaty thing to attach and be *very* grumpy if no-one falls into the trap of mocking me and allowing me to flatten them with your explanation."

Know what this reminds me of? Remember the brilliant Dick Emery? Didn't he play some limp-wristed chappie good with colours? And didn't a chiffon something bubble from his neck? Of course what i remember best is the scrumpy "girl". She'd be flouncing down the street and the interviewer would say "Excuse me miss" and she'd correct him quick as a flash "Miss".

Good times. Where are they now (well, i know very well where they are): Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper, Arthur Askey, Jimmy Edwards, Sellers and Secombe of course; my belovèacuted Spike whose 'Where Have all the Bullets Gone?' he made such fun and hell to promote ... Terry Thomas, Ken Dodd (still going strong; actually I can't stand Ken), Norman Wisdom did I like? Not sure I did; Max Bygraves I got to know so I suppose I *have* to let him tell me a story; Larry Grayson - yes!!

The gay ones - what they got away with in those days. Nowadays, from what i see, they just shove it in yer face and totally unfunny they are, too.

Anyway, check out this buffoon with the idiot scarf.

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