29 October 2008

One-summer Stand

I wrote a song for someone I thought I'd not see again.

It's a bit of a crib of Dylan's Shooting Star.

"My one-summer stand:
I thought of you and that Albanian gypsy band.
Summer's winding down but they're still on the lam.
Slipped them 5 €uros, RIP for you 'n' me and our summer stand

My one-summer fling:
Kids OK? Husband? Everything?
Miranda get those good marks for the posh school?
I wonder if you made that trade on the soccer-mum carpool?


You were out here to think things thru',
Didn't help, me making a beeline for you.
I think we played it right, nothing sneaky or underhand,
Going with the flow, everything cool and unplanned.

Everybody needs a now-and-then summer stand.

[jangly guitar solo]

Summer stand:
Remember how we ate so we could hold hands?
Someone always turned up, meeting of the clans,
I waved them over and joked about my busted one-summer stand.

London rain, whither the credit crunch?
Hubby's job ok? Meeting that second mortgage with just one punch?
You were always minimum makeup, hair tangly brown.
They say you're lady prim back home in London town,
But you were built for sin where the Corfu sun beats down."

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