14 October 2008

starkey starkers

this one isn't worth a glam or legible typeface so i'll go with default.

my eye caught by trivia that ringo starr is trying to cut down on fan mail and the rest of it.

frankly - and this is wholly sour grapes mixed with a hyssop of taste - i never cease to be amazed that this talentless clown is still around and sufficiently traceable for people to get an address to which to send anything to.

He produced a dire CD or DVD some years back into which i put a very large and hobnailed boot and rather hoped that that would be that.

Anyway, let's hope this is the beginning of an oozing slide into awaited oblivion.

Honestly, the unwashed public's taste ... I was shocked - shocked - that enough people were still in touch with him to make this a news item in the first place.

1 comment :

rwells said...

ringo shmingo, but i'm enjoying the pop cultural allusions you've been adding to your posts. shocked, indeed.