24 October 2008

Subterranean Roomsick Blues

For various reasons I need to be cautious about anything I post on this subject.

I believe today, October 25, is the second anniversary and I'm also pretty sure the father is out here to do I know not what, probabably visit the site (bevy of journos in tow?) and then hang around for the trial.

It's just down the way from me and I know some of the staff, so I intend to amble down there in the next few hours and see what's what, maybe tease any of the 4th Estate with dark hints at a memorial service over in Holy Trinity.

Some links that remind and refer:

  • Licence Loss - Ya know? This whole penalty phase still puzzles me. As I say, I live nearby and the hotel is/was a favourite watering hole. I don't recall any speed bumps in my Corcyra corcyrousing.
  • Interesting video showing the main players, I mean literally the central cast, if that covered stretcher they wheel out is carrying who I think it is.
  • Usual crisp coverage by The Beeb
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