23 October 2008

Bird-eating Spider

Golden Silk Orb-Weaver

Check out this genus Nephila, you lotus-munching readers of this most lotus-centric of blogs.

Put some silk on yer chests.

Snapped in the land of Oz (natch), in Atheron, close to Queensland's tropical north.

I originally sent it to the one man in my Rolodex who'd 'get it'.

He replied:

"I believe that is the spider I used to see in Korea around the rice fields on my walk to work."


And nice that the old radar's still working on who should get what.

Speaking of which, I was chided the other night for not bcc'ing some limpwrist in on one of my meatier mails. Something about not pre-judging people's tastes yadda yadda.

yellow jacquetActually, Philip, it's not just a question of guessing your tastes a'right (which, incidentally, I got bang to rights); there's also the fun of holding fast to mine as to whom I treat myself. Omitting folks is as much fun as clicking on those I favour.

I shared this with Mountain Man because it makes me feel I'm channeling an ounce or 2 of cojones, of which I've noted short supply on Ναυσικάα's isle since she waved Odysseus Καλό ταξίδι.

But OK, Philip, point taken: here's a gritty take on the Return of the Revenge of the Afternoon of the Living Yellow-Jackets.

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