07 October 2008

By the Lake on Naboo

Worst Movie Dialogue

OK, I like (and spew) bad dialogue as energetically as anyone, so I have a few quibbles:

  • What's wrong with that wonderful line about Lurve meaning never having to say you're sorry? I've used it to enormous effect over the years.
  • Don't diss Rachel Leigh Cook. She can say anything and still sound like Donne.
  • Helen Hunt can chisel my wall any time
  • Meg Ryan? Wish *I* was made to fit together.

    Sibadd said...

    I like having a laugh at lines like "You stay here I'm going to look around outside"(horror); or "It's such a lovely night Fritz, I've been thinking of when I will be home with my little Putzi again"(war). "My god! it's getting bigger"(science fiction).

    Busker said...