27 October 2008

A Drean to Work on

Honestly, I do get grumpy when a routine naff page is ruined for a hap'orth of attention.

There should be a simple test for certain folks before they're allowed behind the HTML reins.

Look at this front page, all very nice and fancy, the eye glides down and ... Life is a *drean* to work on.


Wha' the figging fag is a drean that it needs working on?

Unless it's Camus' birthplace of Dréan. (Arabic الدرعان)

Honestly, and Monday had started so nicely.

I shall go to my English-as-She-is-Spoke class with added ruthlessness on spelling and proofreading. The pupils will redden and tears well to their eyes and the parents will hand me the fee at the end with a murmured,

"Is OK. Thank you very much. Don't have to come no more."

"I should think not!" I will bark back, shocked.

"It's I don't have to come any  more."

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