30 October 2008


Tosser Ross out

Pray God it's true - and permanent

mug shots: ross, grand daughter georgina and russell brand

Rossell Bannned

If I didn't so love the sound of my own keyboard, I'd leave the onlie and final word on this idiocy to the Speccie's incomparable Rod Liddle who gets these twerps absolutely bang to rights: they are plain doggone unpopular.

May details of their greasy behaviour now reach an even wider audience and the BBC be bombarded with even more  complaints until the tipping point rolling thunder is so deafening that this creepy pair are flung into the stocks and pelted with rotten veggies and useless £ notes.

Theirs is exactly the slipshod arrogant smartass behaviour I myself would indulge in if ever I found myself behind the wheel of a £200,000-a-year Saturday night radio show, or that twonker Ross's wage slip of £6million.

Can't be doing with it. Pray God this part of the public's licence fee is made an exemplary forfeit.

Who in the once-proud Beeb will take a stand and speak for England?

What a splendid kick in the balls for these jokers to pick on an old man they assumed had slipped down the memory hole, and find that he is more belovèd than they will ever be.

I shall try to keep current with the most damaging and humiliating press coverage, starting with:

  • Calibre and experience - and I love the idea of Beeb execs foregoing their bonuses as a result of all this caterwauling. Also - duuuh - the producer of the show found to be too immature to be i/c the programme. For heaven's sake, that goes for the pack of them. Only NOW it dawnws on them?
  • Beeb ditherings
  • Ethos not an Extra
  • Rude, lewd and crude:
    • Jonathan Ross has a long history of subjecting his guests to crude and offensive comments. Here are some of his low points.
  • Controller of Radio 2 resigns; Ross suspended until next year sans pay.
  • That phone jape ... and listen to those ghastly accents. Lineage and progeny, indeed. I hope the echo of their cackles follows them to their debtors' prison grave.
  • Grand-daughter Georgina speaks.
  • Beeb on the ropes: everything's '-gate' these days: corfugate; depansygate.
    • When I was on the Microsoft account with Waggener Edstrom (Tech PR to the Geek Gentry), I kept hoping for a Gatesgate. I love it that the BBC prefects are having to May Day scramble and soul-search.
    • Standards have slipped to such an extent that they clearly assumed the puny public fee payers would put up with anything.
    • Gamecocks are home to roost, chaps, and they're packing razor gaffs. Speaking of tupada , I bet Lord Sedition saw the sort of jousts out east that I saw in the Philippines: those sabongs  are mean, bloody and monetary.
  • Lay off the witch-hunt: Let no one accuse this blog of fairness or even-handed balance of opinion. I've liked Peter Tatchell's past shrewd comments on equally sticky matters, so he is a good example of the best that people are coming up with in defense of what I trust turns out to be indefensible and dealt with accordingly.
  • Non-plussed: India Knight good as always and, of course, her usual very plussed self. This is exactly the sort of forthright shrewd lambasting of bigoted fogeys like me that I do not  like coming across in the public prints for fear that the wrong people (i.e. those not sharing my opinions) will read and inwardly digest.


Simon Baddeley said...

Narrowcasting helps assemble a lynch mob quicker than in the old days! Big agencies struggle to respond on web time scales. "A week is a long time in politics" Now it's a day, perhaps less. Good you picking up that Tatchell piece. I don't read papers any more. I watch what special web contacts (Corfucius one) select. Hear Michael Lyons on behalf of the BBC Trust on R4? He's brilliant at ensuring the last 'story' on which he is questioned, isn't turned into the next. Michael does a brilliant damping down job. See how Mandelson - he redirects rather than damps - switched the short attention of the lynch mob from himself to one about Osborne (and, while on that, what happened to *that* story on the goldfish memory of the public (Oo look a castle...ooh look a castle...oo look). S

Busker said...

very good and very informative. i think i get more out of this silliness than anyone else.
many points to ponder and ace analysis on the Fey of Foy.

Sibadd said...

"...standards have slipped" Hmm? Scurrility and coarse ridicule are as much part of UK culture as our art galleries, concert halls, poetry and writing - often intermingled. See Hogarth, Gillray, Rowlandson, Cruickshank... There's been a strain of gross ribaldry with mooning, body fluids (and solids!) and foul language that was temporarily suppressed around the two great European wars. There are times when I'm entertained by expletive flatus, other times when I want my Fools to shut-up and if they won't all that's needed is a nod to the court garotter. No wonder stand-ups talk of dying. Why did these Yoricks get it in the neck now. Hard times coming?

Busker said...

Good comment, interesting point about possibility that a hard rain's a-gonna fall.

Sibadd said...

That was the phrase. "Hard rain's ...". Who sung that, Sensei?

Busker said...

Ooh, don't let Wells-sahib catch your ignorance. He'll resign from this blog.

Bob Dylan, 1962, off of his 'Freewheelin' Bob Dylan'. That 'of' is punishment. Draconian harsh, I know, but when it comes to the Zimmerman ....