04 June 2010


We shall see. We shall see.

The Greek government is drafting a law that Parliament is 'expected to pass because the governing Socialists have a 7-seat majority', whatever that has to do with anything.

But f*** them if they're going to be the tar in the ointment.

It starts Sept 1 - ho ho - and is meant to shore up the partial prohibition that was such a joke.

About 42 per cent of adult Greeks smoke regularly, a daily average of 21 fags.

The Min of Health and SpoilSportery says the habit kills 20,000 of us every year and a further 700 passively.

This new legislation will outlaw smoking in all indoor public areas.

F*** that. We shall see. Yes, we will.

More messing with our lives

  • 80mg per 100ml down to 50mg

  • Meanwhile, over in blighted buggerated Blighty, they have plans to lower the legal alcohol limit for driving by almost half.

    It's exactly this sort of naffing ninny-nanny nonsense that prompts a chap to take down the family blunderbuss and go birdie walkabout through the burrows and byways of Whitehall.


    Simon Baddeley said...

    Look at the RoSPA stats on accidents. Clearly the most dangerous place is the domestic kitchen. It tends to contain relatives (who are the ones who mostly kill and injure one another) and sharp things (if the opportunities to hand). By the way many believe Achilles died in battle but that arrow in his heel was actually the result of a DIY accident while he was putting up some shelves...Note that the actuarial assessment of risk makes the most hazardous activity - wait for it - gardening.

    Busker said...

    God bless you for the gardening comment. I know it is true. When people point to a cicatrice or 'war wound' and ask: "was that when you tumbled down Capel Curig? is that from the dojo? that must have been the MG prang. ah! that surely is the scuba scrape?"
    I tell them, not one sign exists on my body of major 'war' wounds. every scar and neurosis and eye-twitching shoulder-jerking hint at birdiness has been acquired in the last 4 years tumbling the paths and briars of pagoda 'fusioso.

    another good comment.