17 June 2010

Does Sexercise Work?

Who cares? Just trying it with yer Main Squeeze is fun enow. You both keel over with laffter and that's when the fun begins.

First off, see that photo? Looks lecherous and easy, don't it?

Right, mate, grab her right now and go into that position. Not so easy for us over-funties ... and if her bathroom scales register as one of the card-carrying avant en plus $#@!-dupois, gravity will wreck gravitas and you'll be squirming and squealing among the turnips, ready to go.

Big clue to the fun is when the journo's got a name like Megan Pleticha.

Like ... perusing the behind-curtain per adulte section of my local DVD-aria? Come across

  • "Megan does Marmaro" ('She was just a rep', out for the season. He a maintenance engineer on the boil. Life was a gas')

    That'd make a change from a pizza delivery stud PLUS he'd be wearing one of those manly belts with all the tools to plug a leaky boiler.

    'Pleticha Plaire ~ Au Pair' ~ How could a chalet maid from Marlborough hope to stay sane and chaste in the treacherous waters of 'Corfu Cottarjes' ('bunks and bavardages to the gentry'):

    "Do your room, sir?"


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