13 June 2010


This is exactly what I predicted and didn't so much fear as resigned myself to.

  • What else expect?

  • I mean, just look at that photo ~ absolutely says it all.

    In fact, one picture paints a thousand words or however they'd say it over there.

    You know when I knew we were up the greasy Limpopo without a forked stick?

    When I heard that the Jo'burg stadium was being modeled on a friggin' calabash.

    I jest not.

    If you or I invited a bunch of dusky footie players over (no doubt insisting on their ancient tribal right to actually play barefoot, I wouldna be surprised), and if we showed them into a stadium shaped like a fucking calabash ... we would be inside a boiling pot quicker than you could prong a bone thru your conk, a grass-skirted Ju-Ju man hop, skip and jumping around us.

    I mean, Vuvuzela?

    Even the name should have beat out a warning tom-tom beat that the natives gwine be restless.

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