01 June 2010

Hey Hey Paula

I sit transfixed before Sky News, unable to take my eyes off the beauty of newsreader Paula Middleton.

Not since Angela Rippon [left] have I felt my loins stir simultaneously with updates on the budget or, in this case, Cleggeron and Fergie 'Facing the Devil'.

Ms Middleton has the most delicate features and looks as if she understands what she's reading.

I go to download some sexy pics with which to adorn my usual offensive sexist tributes to any piece of skirt that catches my eye and ~

  • First off, I can find no photos that do PM justice.

  • There is a throat-catching story of her 'bionic boy' that immediately shuts me up

  • And an extroadinary clip on Youtube of her eyes brimming with tears, for why I know not.

    A beautiful capable woman with a sad but beautiful story.

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