08 June 2010

Justice Non Reçu

Second stab at sizzling step-mom

Dunno why precisely, but I feel very resentful that bufone Neil Shepherd has won a new trial.

And he's going about it well ~ this is a very Daily Mail story and O Βοσκός is a typical Daily male - a match in Chattering Class Heaven.

Of course I feel sorry for the continued strain on the reps but it's mainly the sheer thickness of Shepherd's reason for appealing:

He believes his children 'had not received justice'. [My italics]

What mendacious rubbish.

Deaths retrial 'grossly unfair': Bereaved dad Shepherd has been pointed in a new direction, to "believe his children had not received justice."

Indeed, Corfu's council of prosecutors have, inexplicably, ordered a retrial after deciding that 'vital court evidence had been ignored by the judges in the original case.' A new trial will probably be held next year.

Shepherd had better watch out this 'holding' re-verdict doesn't explode in his face when someone actually has to produce this 'vital ignored' evidence.

Posting and poning is a national sport here, likewise chickens homing.

Once upon a time I would have expressed myself in forceful lingo but lost love and debilitating Time have reduced me to a toothless dodderer able only to raise a feeble,

"You stupid stupid little man ~ leave it, f'fuck's sake."

Talk about giving grief-strucken dumbness a bad name.

On that thought, I thought I'd check out some GBH chansons (Grievery Boo-hoo Hollers) and there are some pretty cool tunes out there.

All a bit samey, of course, and George Winstonian and with pseudy names, but not bad for sucking on a fifth of Jim Beam around the ol' camp boiler.

To be balanced, I suppose I ought to look up something for the hapless reps to which to fiddle their thumbs as Shepherdgate grinds through the process again.

Now's the time to grab that Court House corner store at a peppercorn rent and prepare it for next year's invasion:

  • Cooked-food and cool drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Bus tours to Gouvia Corcyra - but wait! Boskos wants the chalet pulled down and a sensitive all mod-cons memorial built to his departed jewels.

    Ack! If they're as speedy as my builders, the ground-breaking won't be until the postponed hearing of the disputed re-retrial forced by the over-turned verdict following the 'New Evidence' upset of the quashing of the findings of the 2011 brouhaha I'm posting about today.

  • Archive photos and aides-memoire: it'll take so long that the paparazzi will have difficulty recognising the longer-in-the-tooth-no-longer-quite-so-hot step-mater and will be reduced to lascivious snappings of my carefully planted younger daughter, playing into my litigious hands and opening up another court case out of which the tabloids will end up paying handsomely.

  • Loipon, the good Shepherd has accidentally hit on a lucrative wheeze after all.

    I should stop dissing his self-referential obtuseness and get on with planning permission for my cooked-food stall.

    No prizes for guessing the name ... or shall I run a little competition and the winner gets front seat for The Verdict?

    ~ Best look on the bright side and hope the case lingers as long as the fragrant Ruth Beatson keeps her lovely looks, thus enabling Fleet Street's reptile paparazzi to get on with their verminous job of tabloiding the Ionian's hottest step-mom.

    Let the drivel begin: Vital court evidence ignored by judges

    Cool Comments ~ As is his wont and wizardry, Sinbad saves me from plummeting into worst taste wankery.

    To paraphrase Austin Powers - "Yeh, baby" - If you read one blog this summer, read Demo Street; if you read two, try to make it this one.

    Sinbad songstry ~ brilliant idea to come up with comforting carols from 'Bards of the boiler room'.

  • Numero Uno for my cooked-food court house juke. Who else but BoMar? Well done, Badass.

    That's him left, the petulant pater who's determined to drag his infants through la boue.

    Age shall not weary them but it will certainly turn tiresome for the rest of us and condemn the names of Christianne and Robert to the eternally boring.

    Well done, dad.

    Phone lines open for suggestions for the R.I.P-off juke box jury.

    Think of it as clever comp like the Athens Plus 'ComeUppance' chart.

    Name that Nosherie ~ I admit it. Quandary. The 'Christianne and Robert Mealtime Memorial Muncherie' does not trip off the tongue.

    Praise be to Shepherd père and his grinch grievery for inspiring the more agile 'C&R Victual Evidence and Whinery'.

    Dept of Last Things on one's Mind: Puzzled and pissed off at Mr Shepherd's determination to hammer the memory of his children into a synonym for Boiler Fatigue, I revisited that gruesome report of the children's "final moments" and came across this succinct summary at the very end that has to be even the most pessimistic tourist's most basic requirement of a holiday:

    "You're going on holiday, the last thing going through your mind is not being safe.

    You just presume that you're safe, you presume that the tour operator has just done the checks so that you can just go away and enjoy your holiday and not have your children die."

    My italics.

    UKWire on the ball with summaries of the saga to date.

    The Corfiot magazine, June 2010 edition: excellent thorough page 5 reportage on 'Boiler death reps cleared of charges ... then sent for retrial next year'.

    Actually, a good issue all round:

  • Two political articles by Harry Tsoukalas
  • A very literate and shrewd offering by 'A Corfiot', which I suspect to be editrice Hillary's forthright pen
  • Continuing saga of Flora Sandes.

    Good stuff.


    Simon Baddeley said...

    No fate, no fee.

    Busker said...

    Sage Sinbad. I wondered and dreaded yr response. Cool as ever.
    No fatwa, no whut fo'.
    I feel a marley coming on.

    Simon Baddeley said...

    No woman, no cry (Repeat 4 times)

    Simon Baddeley said...

    This especially
    I think I would if suffering the worst grief find some smidginous consolation here.