10 June 2010


No idea who the young blubber bubba is but he doesn't pull it off.

Hideous when this sort of thing happens.

I was at a Hong Kong ceremony in the early '80s when some young fatso megastar of a comedy soap started mocking and interfering with the speech of a venerable Stewart type.

One forgets how many of these old troupers started life in the circus. The young bufone certainly had.

Even as he elbowed his elder and better aside to land another 'joke', what the TV audience saw but we in the stalls didn't was Junior's elbow seized precisely on the nerve and, as he folded to his knees in pain, a 'concerned' arm went out to catch him, kneading a nerve at the neck that finished the job.

"I think too much brandy," joked the 'old man' as he eased the obese idiot to the floor.

The 1001 slow-mo playbacks that followed showed precisely how it was done, down to the rolling eyeballs as the joker lost further interest in the proceedings.

Measured comment by Dessau. Correct about what a painful youtube clip it made.

Truth to tell, I have not the faintest idea who that fat chap is/was and have little curiosity in that direction.

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