21 June 2010

The Decadence ... the decadence

To be hoarsely voiced in best Vox Brando à la his performance in the Graeco-Nippon joint production of 'Αποκάλυψη Tora Tora Tora'.

  • 41 hours into solo bliss.
  • Maman called from Villa Thefti to report safe arrival. Tinkling Charles Kunz on the hi-fi in the background
  • Rainy day in town but I was singing in my heart.
  • Overdid it last night down the 02 so sans sauce today and extrah PT drill and gathering of shredding around the garden. Take that, you boozer.
  • Tidied house and set up guitars and 'puter for that at-hand convenience.
  • 10pm prompt: knock on door. Dinner-on-the-hoof courtesy of the Dinner Hoofer.

    "Howdja know I wasn't mid whipping up a Gordon Blue repast?"
    Hollow laff.

  • Vow of lifetime sobriety on back-burner.
  • On with songstress Kaliroe Raouzeou, the only chanteuse a man needs in the CD rack.

    'And for your next Desert Island Disc?'

    Jimmy Potts on the blues.

  • 'And your luxuries?'

    The complete jottings of Professore Potts and a blow-up doll of Ka-Ra.

  • On the tele [paused]: 'Jass on a summer's day', attached to the big speakers.
  • Alarum clocks set to all the calls I'm gonna make to daughters and pals.
  • From the cuisine ~ Sound of bifs-teki sizzling and the chip pan bopping.
  • "Almost on the table. You still on that computer?"

    Plus ça change.

  • Comment ~ There you go, what did I tell you? Speak ill of the Devil and the next thing you know, there he is at the crossroads.

    Corfu Bluesman cheering up my morning mug of Twinings' Earl Grey ("with the delicate flavour of bergamot") with the ultimate Desert Island Discs.

    Lively site, serendipitous buttons that don't hint at what they do but send you flying all over the place.


    Corfu Bluesman said...

    Check out www.thesixtyone.com/corfu100#/corfu100/ for the ultimate Desert Island Discs!

    You should upload some of your own songs, it's time they were showcased for the world to enjoy.

    Anonymous said...

    Mrs Trowel agrees with Corfu Bluesman!

    Busker said...

    I didnt even know that Lady Trowel knew of this page. That thoroughly depresses me.

    also, i owe a song ... trapped.