07 June 2010

Nike World Cup advert

Sacerdotal ... or Soccer dote all?

I was collecting maman from her devotions this morning and as we drove off the Vicar bade us a cheery "See you next Saturday, then!"

June 12. World Cup, USA versus England.

Ever so cazuarly, "So, like what's happening next Saturday ... apart from the obvious ..."

"Church Fair. I've said I'll provide a picture to auction and I thought you might do the tea money like last year."

How did Badass have it? Mad spray of birdie gunfire. Everyone bites the dust. Out with the junk food, on with the TV.

Nivver mind ... check out this bonus cameo piss-take on the great Roo

Actually, they're all talking bollocks, including me, because I see that the match starts 1930hrs BST so I can't see how the Church Fayre can clash ... but it's always good to have a moan, so I'll pretend I was agog to see Greece vs S Korea at 1430hrs Greek time.

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