16 October 2013


alberta hunter
Ever'body gets the blues some time, but we've got blogs to blow steam, and them social media, too.

Man, can you imagine if those boys had been wired? Lord have mercy!

Twitter: "Baby please dont go" or "Mean mean black snake suckin' my rider's tongue."  Those boys wouldna needed no 140 spaces.

Bloggin' : No nancy-boy nonsense about 'Woke betimes, walked stout Sambo round Gouvia Heights, thence to Diellas for provisions ...'

Nay, lad, it'd be straight to check out the feed from Hookerin':

"I'm gonna buy me a pistol with a great long shiny barr'l, gonna shoot that rounder who stole away my gal. It's been three weeks since my sweet baby said goodbye, and now my sweet dog, has eaten all of my sweet pie."

I mean, how comment? "Sorry to hear that, JL." is a bit lame.

 Song break

A little wallow from my today's Facebook fricassee:

"Dull dismal day compounded by complete failure to achieve anything:
  • Lawyer wont take my calls
  • Nor brother
  • Two whopping new bills out of the blue
  • Ancient chatty simper pals of mum arrived from USA unaware of her passing
  • Animals wont eat, I dont either
  • Phone didnt register tea invite from Denise til 2 hrs after she'd sent it.

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