31 October 2013

"FOREVER ON THE RUN" - Lupton update

Slow sleuthing: forlorn fils et mum

Latest news on Huzurevi hideaway getaway gangster spouse probe.
4,000-mile round trip in ­grim bid to trace scarpering hubby.

Hell hathing no fury 'n' all that
Wanted by cops for Britain’s biggest cash heist.

suspected hideout
Did runner after being arrested over £53million armed raid on Securitas
Therese and two teenage children penniless – heartbroken family not heard from him since.
At first feared murdered
Seen enjoying wild champagne lifestyle in Northern Cyprus.

Seen this geezer? τρελό μάτι

Under protection? It's ex book man in me that has has me so intrigued. I think the whole thing will peter out, on the hand could be an ace of a movie there if Mr Big will countenance any verité  leaking into the script. 

Damn'd pity for him with that game eye - identifiable from 20 twitches. I reckon he's forking out a bit of dosh to keep the locals quiet, and they in turn will be milking the visiting Fuzz and deep-pocketed journos.   

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