20 October 2013


Each of these photos tells a story which i wanted to fit into a song, but it's late now and I'm tired and I've lost the impetus. Perfect time to write from the heart.

Tomorrow morning will be better. Let's go out on a simple little teamwork - Illinois Blues.

She asked me why I don't play
my 'big guitar' no more,
Said she missed that 'coustic sound
Nice and tinny, capo'd 4,
First time she heard me,
I was jamming just inside the kitchen door

(i got up singin' and crying')

I told her  'pretty baby, 
I dont get the sound i want to hear,
I've gone 'lectric now, pretty mama,
  22 frets, amped up loud and clear'.
all she said was 'i remember
you singing so simple, not knowing i was there.

crocus at the top drive, crocus half way down
yellow crocus sprouting, left right everywhere around,
mum 'n' me, never agree,
crocuses? crocii? no peace of mind we found.

sittin' on the patio, pickin' a simple tune,
idling on the ibanez, picking a simple tune,
my friends ask how's that simple
with a million dollar view?

(they get up singin' n crying)

had a good time friday night,
home at daylight's delicate dawn
a real good time down at stav's
kicked us out around daylight's dawn,
such a bellyful of whiskeh,
left the car lights full bright on

i telephoned my baby, said youre the one i need
phoned that little lady, told her she's the one for me,
she wasnt fooled an instant, jumped right on her scooter
brought me up her brother's handy jump leads 

(blow big jim, blow)


Big Jim said...

Thought I heard a lonesome blue-harp wail...

Corfucius said...

heh heh.