19 October 2013


Planning permission! A crumbly bungly end to one couple's dream.

I foresee similar for Gouvia Heights.

Apart from working to the constraints of my mother's self-thwarting Will that requires signatures and agreement each step of the way from my Italy-based brother, I am sick and tired of rising each morning to be a purse-pummeled punchbag to yet another bit of newly-discovered law or 'adjusted' border stolen behind my parents' back in 1972 .

My only prized possessions - my personal jewelry and daughters' intended heirlooms - were removed from me in April 2007 and delivered to Italy, so there's nothing I can't walk straight out on and into the next flight to wherever. 

I don't think I need watch the actual destruction of the house, not even the slightly satisfying rip of the bulldozers as they rent asunder the treadmill gardenry, not a moment too soon for me, I may add. 
Gosh the bile and vile memories that rush up .... every inch and rock of my mother's hobby reeks of grim memories.

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