19 October 2013


I can't get this 'in my region' but bless CorfuBlues for at least posting it. 

Interesting memory: a (if not the) Corfu Mister Fixer saw my mother in a supermarket and informed her that Joanna Lumley would be coming to tea to admire maman's fine garden.

I ran a strict No-Film crews policy for the house - quite apart from a fairly rigid insistence on not foisting people on my mother, even one as fragrant as La Lumley.

I contacted the Fixer and asked what it was about and surely it had something to do with this TV documentary coming up? In which case, don't tell me it'll be a cosy Mum and Lum' sitting on the patio with me dancing attendance ... it would be film crews and cables and endless hanging around.

The varlet owned up and I thanked him for his interest but that was not the way to go about enlisting San Luca.

Some time later I bumped into him again and he praised my intuition: Miss Lumley was charm incarnate but the actual production hadn't kept one appointment on time or stuck to a promised schedule. 

Those muggins eager to hog the spotlight were inconvenienced almost to the point of thinking twice about seeking inter-galactic fame the next time it beckons.      

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