20 October 2013



We've had the long-running Maddie ~ time to meet 'Maria' [see article].

adore the sheer forlorn-ness of this babe. Who can look on those features and not grab hound and blunderbuss and stride into the gloaming in search.

I'm sure MaddieGate will benefit, too, but uh-oh if Maria is sorted promptly while la famille McCann grieves on.

"Unbelievable story" - I scoff at Greek Reporter's overly-dramatic dubbing of MariaGate as 'unbelievable'. 

Wake up, chaps! It's the sheer routine banal be-lieva-bility  of this sad tale that gives it its stinging rebuke.

Let's not make this more of a journalistic Farce out of Farsala than I fear it will become.

But Boy what action!

  •  Even in Oz ~ and well spotted that Prosecutor who, "saw a little blonde head poking out from under the bedclothes. It struck her as odd, and that's how it all started.'' Well done, her, what? Medal for that lady.

Also 'odd', if not downright scandalous, is that the 'parents' had registered 14 children with state authorities in a benefits scam, the mountebanks! 

Fecund mum claiming to have given birth to six rug-rats in less than 10 months. (Dammit, took me and Steph' bloody ages to seed our magnificent 'spitfire' CostCentre2 Annabarana. But I digress)

I have no doubt this has gone viral and spreading, to boot. 

I myself have spammed all my pals of the searcher-vigilante persuasion.

But I'm still amazed at the speed and breadth of this appeal: pray God that the dragnet and public's sharpened vigilance uncover more of these wretches untimely ripped from parental arms. 

There's a good shot, too. 

Exactly how I'd expect a nordic-style kidnappée to look. 

Living in gypsy settlement: 

Or is it Gypsy, cap G?  Do we now CAPITALISE these nomads? I can never keep up with what's 'correct': "Blonde child found living in a Gypsy settlement with a couple."

Falsifying - suspects accused of falsifying identity and family certificates * mother claiming to have given birth to six children in less than 10 months.

DNA - "DNA tests revealed the four-year-old child, who bore no resemblance to the 39-year-old man and 40-year-old woman, showed she was not related to the couple."
More as it happens! 

Eyes peeled!

Great hope - always sad when we enter la-la land.

  • Greek fuzz appeal
  • Gone global
  • Dramatic updates - Greek Reporter hard on the case of the world's "angel", as she's now dubbed. Many more facts and even a video clip. 
  • Don't forget Maddie McCann  ~ I was grinding my teeth over the spotlight on Angel Maria, eclipsing young Maddie, so I looked up some news to balance the blog, but it's mostly Maria. Les McCann's are being jolly decent about pretending all this helps the search for their Madeleine. It doesnt really, does it? All it does is get people scrambling around trying to solve MariaGate and she's been found. 
  • Ooh I bet the lines are burning with requests to adopt this little ange
  • Sky News - evidence of child trafficking. I am very impressed by the speed and breadth of coverage for Angel Mary and if this sheds just a little light on child trafficking and brings just one or two to justice, it will have served its purpose well. Then we may get a glimpse of Maddie McC.
  • By the heck! If Maddie is brought home as a result, what a double-book there'll be. Mad' & Mar' - if they were closer in age they could set up a singing duo. 
Squalid conditions -  It's all coming out, angel Mary put to begging. Even a squalid quote from the 'brother' of the man that Maria was found with: 

"We got this girl in a very nice way. We raised her. We got her. She was given to us and we raised her," he said. 

"She had problems with her eyes. We took her to the doctor, we took her everywhere. "We didn't take her to sell her. We loved her so much, with so much passion." Yeuk.

Needy Needhams - And don't forget little Benny! 

Gipsies don’t steal babies? Huh!  Now we frogging know they fracking do. 

Let's hope mum Kerry loses that worried look soon.

TA NEA - everyone getting in on the act. front page with pic, too boot. (Don't bother with the fact sheet, Ta Nea's technology has always been a bit wonky 

Channel 4 - lovely whingey quote from the 'City of Athens' ~ that "extremely problematic and antiquated" Greek law allows people to register babies as their own on the basis of one person's declaration backed by two witnesses. The statement said that, in practice, parents can delay registering their children until they turn 18. 

  • I tell you, the way things are going, any self-respecting news disher had better get on this case or answer to Vox Populi. I bet the McCanns are cheering by the minute. 
  • 5,000 calls for the 'dancing bear'
  • Curtains for Romas - well, if one thing's certain it's that the Roma community may have a little more difficulty parading blonde 'imports' and they'd better step lively about training up new 'performers'. 
Indeed, talk long and often enough of a backlash and you'll put the idea in enough minds to have all the payback you want. 
"Disturbing picture of exploitation" - pretty disturbing picture of the swarthy 'adopteurs', too. I like the way this is going. We may well end up with a tidy scoop of Maddies and Bennies. Oh what a media frenzy that would be - and the mums are tasty looking, albeit ravaged by worry and worst-case gloom over the years. Not to worry, those TV make-up experts will de-wrinkle and glam them up and book rights will be better than Botox. 

Between 5 and 6 - Ah well, you see: all the hopefuls who tailored their claims to fit a 4-year old are now hoist with their own petards. They can't now go back and re-remember how old their own missee is/was/should be.
And, by the same token, for those who disappointedly had to take a back seat, hope springeth eternal. Pon my soul, what a reality game show this would make, to be sure. 

Child trafficking in Greece - I wondered when we'd get on to the real stuff. The authorities don't want it because it reflects badly and is extra work, but when a family's toting a wad of IDs and birth certs, that when departmental squabbles flourish and splits appear like unzippered icebergs on the Titanic. Give it a few more days and we'll see the real story/ies  emerge.  

Begorrah! and Dublin O'Roma

Age-old libels

Birth Cert Probe

Racism and child-snatching - Bravo! Well spotted, that scribbler. 

This whole maria-gate topic has endless legs - including some over-eager cock-ups.

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