15 October 2013

Тамо далеко

Come on, everyone! You all drive past it:

 ~ Tzavros bakery - post-office - Tamo Daleko - Dasia - all points north.

I've even had some dullard ask if it was a Doctor Who tribute store. Probably one of those who drone on about 'real' Corfu.

Тамо далеко is a trad Serbian song from World War I.
Look out for Vido in the clip - you've been there, at least, haven't you? Phew.
TD is regarded the anthem of every Serb soldier that leaves his family and goes to fight for his country.
Local touch [why you should know it; good trivial pursuit trick]
The song is sung by a soldier on Corfu, following the withdrawal of the Serbian Army through east and west Albania.
Lovely version. The perfect-nosed lady who introduces this reminds me of Sue Sarandon but even more of a kitchen maid at Hurst [1960-4] whom I'd sneak out to see and take to my guitar gigs in Brighton. Lovely gal, lived in the village so that was convenient. 

Only prob, ghastly accent, moment she opened her gob ... OK, it didn't quite all go. Just quippin'. 

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