04 April 2012


I love eating my words.

omfg, as a card-carrying looksist true son of my mother, i could not see this beauty & the beast duo working - and well done her discovering him and giving him the faith. quel voix!

quel modesty and friendship. i bet he, not she alas, goes far.

hilarious post-script : I posted a soppy 'like' and weedy comment for this on my Facebook page because I'm inveigling my way into someone's affections and this is the way to go to get there.

A good pal in Seattle commented back,

judy collins"Oh, for krimeny sakes, this is the new schtick.

Oh, unattractive person, must be untalented, must mock, and/or look on in disbelief.

OH - SURPRISE! Fabulous talent, must slap forehead in shock, weep, sob, snort, and change channel.

Oh, look, a humpbacked whale stuffed with baby seals served as main course in Inuit initiation ceremony, and it can sing... Oh, here comes Judy Collins ..."

I've told him that he can expect much more like that from me, if only to tap that sort of grumpy wit.


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Simon Baddeley said...

Side stepping the format, isn't it astounding how in an instant talent grips. Thanks for posting.