01 July 2006

100 Degrees

sunbathing in the pool

The only way to study one's Greek.

Temps around 100 and no relief. I tried sunbathing on the poolside but it only takes 15 mins for the flesh to start singeing.
learning greek the cool wayThat hat is the same I wore 33 years ago when I was rampaging the Ionian skyline.

Dry, it hardly fits but once dunked it sits nicely on the noble brow.

The Teach-Yourself 'Greek' volume is actually rather good altho' its phrases are a little outmoded, such as the 'social' section including both "I love you" and "I *think* I love you" (my asterisk).

There's tons of stuff on "This is my address" and "Please write to /phone/visit me" so it's clearly aimed at the wan Brit female who's fallen for some Greek adonis and is reluctant to let go.

Favourite game used to be to see house guests off and then hang around to watch the departing touristas, all blubbing into the arms of their swain who billed and cooed and made the right noises. As soon as the girls had gone thru customs, the lads would sprint round to Arrivals to scope the new batch of victims.

Good times.

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