19 July 2006


Slow news night so I fall back on matters littérraire.

Part of my pedantry is enjoyment of correct plurals such as gins-and-tonic, attorneys-general, and so forth.

A recent flurry in the Brit press over the correct delivery of more than one cul-de-sac (culs-de-sac, fyi) included a fine memory from an old-timer.

He cited a road sign of his youth that made me yearn for those savvy bureacucrats of yesteryear.

We're talking the days of the good old charabancs which, as they increased in popularity, were even then tearing up country lanes in search of shortcuts to the bracing seaside.

Our correspondent recalls a brisk sign:

No char-à-bancs.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done.

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