08 July 2006

Ann Coulter Godless

Cutie Coulter Caught Copying?

Why is everyone being so beastly to my fave hottie pontificatrice, svelte Annie Coulter of Godless fame?

I blame snoopy Muckraker for starting the witch hunt, and look what it's led to?

Crown-published scribe David Brock also runs a little organization called Media Matters that one crosses at one's peril.

MM are being bores and perfectly horrid to La C, refusing to let go of these silly plagiarism charges, and even sneaking to the Random House prefects with a snotty letter that:

"Coulter has exhibited a pattern of behavior suggesting that Godless itself may include other examples of plagiarism beyond those Barrie has already identified. Now that the newspaper syndicate that publishes Coulter's column has indicated it will investigate the charges, we urge Random House to undertake a comprehensive review and consider all appropriate action, up to and including pulling the book."

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