10 July 2006

Ferry Song

Miss Julie breaks a silence, asking if I'm to record my ancient Ferry Song.

I think not. I wrote it in late 1995 and sang it ad nauseam round the pubs and clubs until, by my leaving in March 2006, it was part of the Bainbridge Isle chansonnerie fabric.

Some well-connected types even said they'd contact WSF's public relations honchos and have *them* take it under their wing ... all the usual vapor blab.

What I can do for J is print the lyrics in full.

Bainbridge Ferry Song
Through this veil of tears we travel, we need some kind of test
Which of us is doing well, which has done his best?
For some it's money in the bank, some how well we marry:
You ask me, in the land of the free, it's riding the Bainbridge Ferry

Winslow 'cross to Battle Point, Yaquina and beyond
We've got some little tricks and bells Seattle folks can't catch on
Traveling solo, traveling neat, spread our stuff all over the seat,
Card school's got Mississipi beat, riding the Bainbridge ferry


Riding the Bainbridge ferry, a lot like riding Life.
Only a one-way ticket, might as well ride it right:
No one worries you're a busker or a broker
It's how you handle your latte or mocha:
Short and sweet, then grab your seat, riding the Bainbridge ferry.

I don't want to sound like a chauvinist pig, but may I delicately inquire
Where does Washington State Ferries find those lovely ladies to hire?
Anna Banana, Nancy, Belle; still do miss that green-eyed Michelle
Gonna bribe the First Mate to fix me a date
With a babe on the Bainbridge ferry

I saw Kelly on the ferry, Friday 4:40 run
Darn that girl is cute, she's also lots of fun
Read a book here, read a book there, touch of green streaks in her hair
Now she's Regius Professor of Biology Chair
All thanks to the Bainbridge ferry

Chorus as per above

Just got back from London, visiting my Queen.
We watched the Changing of the Guard, the butler served us tea.
My sovereign cried, "We can't drink that,
Bring me a double latte, two per cent fat."
I said 'Your Majesty, you're just  like me,
You've been riding the Bainbridge ferry.'

There are oodles more verses but mostly tied to topical events and hence lost their edge.

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