28 July 2006

Amazon.com Options Screen Rights

That old alma mater Amazon just keeps rolling along in its discreet bid for Galactic Domination.

Jeffrey Preston's boys have just optioned screen rights to one Keith Donohue's THE STOLEN CHILD.

Variety reports they'll "move to secure a filmmaker and then a studio partner to turn the fantasy into a live-action feature."

Proclaims directrice of merchandising Laura Porco: "We are always trying to innovate, based on listening to customers and the things they're passionate about. This was a book we passed around to our editorial and merchandising teams. Everybody was excited by Keith's voice and felt this could be a great movie."

Commenteth agent Joe Regal, "This is all a gamble, but if you're going to gamble, why not do something that nobody has done before?

"We could have set an option deal with a studio, but Amazon just understood the book and moved quickly. Having a billion-dollar company with such marketing might behind you is appealing. If they cross-promote the DVD with the book, these are compelling things."


rwellsrwells said...

Meanwhile, the stock dive-bombs.

zachworks said...

It may be a little late for this entry, but I thought I'd let you know I saw JPB in the flesh just this afternoon. I was milking a vendor's expense account for some prime beer-fed, Shiatsu-messaged Kobe beef at the Met when he came in. He looked quite tan and laid back - very much the way you'd think Bezos would expect people in Hollywood to look.

He showed up alone and I was truely hoping he would be joined by some aspiring starlet looking for an "audition." Alas, it was some jowely, thick-lipped dude who slide in across the table. Maybe I'll catch a scandal someday.

Busker said...

*Never* too late for comments from the informed.
This blog does not deal in the fly-by-night timely or witty mutterings, only in industrial strength snipings by marksmen lying low and knowing when to squeeze.
Sightings of "jowelly thick-lipped dudes who slide across tables" is what I'm after, and Marksman Works has delivered, melting back into the landscape until the next sighting.
This is what makes Corfucian Irregulars so dangerously readable.