22 July 2006


Never thought I'd live to cite the prolific Thom as a title ...

... but the Amazon blurb for the nouveau TP, Against the Day, turns out to indeed be by the great man.

Lot of toing and froing: Slate runs the story, Amazon yank it from their product page, but some clever chap nails it on the discussion board.

But it's official. Penguin's own Tracy Locke says so, albeit with a certain amount of writhing: The pen is Pynchon's.

Tracy also adds that Slate got it wrong when they said she'd "disavowed all knowledge". All it was was she was, "unaware that any sort of book description had been posted on Amazon and that I'd not seen it -- and therefore could not comment on its accuracy."

Amazon's Sean Sundwall counters that it was Penguin asked for the posting to be killed, "due to a late change in scheduling on their part."

That post.

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