16 July 2006

Heavy Bevy from Levy

Discredited Labour's chickens come home to roost and Lord Levy isn't averse to some self-survival clucking.

Good to see Labour glugging down the 'sleaze' medicine with which it unseated John Major's Tories.

  • So much for Labour's goodier-2-shoes than thou poses.
  • Phooey now to John Prescott's man-of-the-people strutting and affected inarticulacy, all the while screwing his Diary Damsel in between swishes at the croquet ball.
  • Damn'd right Levy intends to tell all: one 'theatrical' arrest demands equally flamboyant beans spilling.

    It will be a pleasure to see Blair get his Bush-obeisant poodle features thoroughly rubbed in the sleaze and slime. Labour will be the poster party for many a year hence.

    Further reading:

  • Blame game for the two Blairs
  • The excellent Simon Heffer: Pure spivvery.
  • Speaking of secretaries, Prezzers' gets bonged; Levy's gets gonged.
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