04 July 2006

July 4 Celebs

I was telling Ms Poco Loco how sad I was to miss July 4th, Bainbridge style.

Perched in the Eagle Nest, 920 Madison ('condos to the gentry'), I had an eyrie-eye view of the start of all the bands and the classic cars etc.

Plus, I'd rise early and park my Union Jack-emblazoned Lazee-Liege recliner in a plum spot, don bowler hat with its St George/Dragon interface motif, and sit back with my cuppa to represent the token Redcoat.

Poco Loco babe thought it a great way to enliven our corner of Corfu so into her jalopy we hopped, vulgar loud Americana pumping from the sound system, and cruised the alleys of Gouvia and Kondokali looking for Merkans to participate.


Plenty of sullen Brits with lobster sunburns to play routed Redcoats but, as La Vida Poca pointed out,

"Hon, they'all just got their asses whupped by Portugal. Mebbe it's a little soon for the slo-mo replay."

Sensible gal.

But I do miss that Bainbridge knees-up: I felt part of a family, waving hello to neighbors and pals, sneering at the tourists from distant Seattle over to see how it's done; ogling Ciara in her drum majorette gear.

If Norm Rockwell was still doodling his non-pareil sketch-shots of cosy America, he'd choose BI for our -your - July 4 homage.

They'd line up the Honeybuckets in the Eagle Nest car park and one year on a whim I tidied my loo and laid out tea and cucumber sarnies and a bouteille of Moët on the side, and offered free use of a 'proper' rest room. No charge.

I'm not absolutely sure it came off: so much of what I tried during my "American Years" did not, but the good intention was there and those curious enough to explore did at least enjoy a more leisurely perch in perfumèd surroundings, three kinds of soap with which to wash hands after, and the choice of Earl Grey or bubbly after to celebrate their 'relief'.

God bless all my US pals - in honor of this historic occasion, I'm playing Mike Murray's scarifying version of 'Battle of New Orleans', and - as you note - I'm reverting to Merkan spelling for this occasion only.

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Elise said...

My goodness, is it July 4 there already? I'm just trying to get up energy for the street dance - the "Skirts" are playing as usual. But I did think of you - this particular celebration isn't done anywhere else so well - and I grew up watching the fireworks from a picnic blanket on the grounds of the now inaccessible Washington Monument.
So, I owe you lots of news and a big apology for being offline so long. Delighted you sound content, the girls are coming over, and your sainted mother is well. And the Jardin? Whoops, my dance partner approaches - more anon. -Elise