01 January 2010

Papi Silvio will fix it

~ Noemi Letizia ... MP ~

“I adore him ... He calls me, he tells me he has some free time and I join him in Milan or Rome.

I stay there listening to him. That’s what he wants from me.

Then we sing together.”

Peeved Berlusconi demands wifely recant:

"Veronica will have to publicly apologize to me.
  • showgirlAnd I don't know if that will be enough."

  • Litmus Test
  • Noemi's ex-bf blabs
  • Berlusconi's Babes
  • Wave of gossip
  • Showgirl has video
  • Perfect sleaze storm: Hookers and Haut-Jinx
  • Fistful of Bling for 'Long Thighs'
  • 30 pieces of quicksilver
  • Pillow Talk: 'companion' didn't sleep a wink.
  • Tapes and Full Tapes
  • Quoth Sinbad: "Leave jailbait to lascivious memory and enjoy this old bloke and older women"
  • Tired of his lies
  • The Wife's Tale
  • Silvio the Sex Addict - of course he won't enter for a cure. What a vote loser. (But I see that SB turns 73 soon - he and the luscious Veronica should connive on some @s---myhusbandsays Twitterous scam.)
  • Berlusconi fights back: attack on the media
  • The Rules of Open Marriage: Veronica on the etiquette of marital indiscretion ~ and my most successful shared link for many a moon.
  • Berlusconi vs Reality
  • "Sweet Silvio": why Noemi calls him Daddy
  • When in Rome - FT's John Lloyd looks at two recent books about Berlusconi.
  • "Italians want to be like me" - Berlusconi speaks
  • The Gallery Grows: parties packed with peaches

  • Tarantini's Partying Pulp Popsies

  • No resigning

  • The Sex Tapes
  • Silvio the Sultan
  • The Ladies: "Not averse to being paid"
  • Summer of sex; autumn of antagonism
  • Miss Italia ~ Maria Perrusi ~ and don't tell me Silvio wasn't glued to his chair waiting to see whose next birthday he'd be attending
  • 4-Crimes D'Addario - 'Papi' threatens to sue
  • Tarantini arrested at Bari. You really don't want to mess with Teflon 'Papi'.
  • Italian women backlash against sexist SB
  • Tanned: dear 'gaffe-prone' Silvio. Prez Obama - what we used to refer to as 'born under sunnier skies'. So, Michele fended off his advances? That does rather qualify for a Berlusconi Spéciale.
  • Brown-skin girl: hit it, Carlos
  • Like a Harem: he knew I was an escort.
  • Papi's gotta brand new law suit: declared un-immune
  • Difficult Life: running the country, screwing these young chicks ...
  • R&R with a hottie: You absolutely have to hand it to Silvio. He gets his face smashed about by some nutter with a model cathedral, blood everywhere, yadda yadda. First thing goes thru his mind is, 'Dude! This is what the chicks totally go for." And he's right.

    Expect to see a different 'nurse' each day as poor hammered Silvio struggles his way back to health and bauty. (I would love to have seen the cake with her outsize boobs and him giving the finger)

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    Sibadd said...

    Burlesque-oni. Leave jail bait to lascivious memory and enjoy this old bloke and older women