23 January 2010


This terrible Edlington torture tale.

Are the red-top reptiles being slow? There should be 1,000 reminders out by now of the James Bulger murder.

  • I still say those venable/thomp chaps should have been trawled yonks ago
  • Snopes
  • Reminder
  • Where the fark are they?
  • If theyre in Oz ~ g'day, Blues, tear yerselves away from the barbie and look around you ... sheesh, shouldn't be *that* difficult, even for Australians.
  • I'm sorry, here it is - wasting your time - the Grauniad is on the case: Bulger killers prove child criminals can be rehabilitated. The paper's own headline.

    And here be that paper's own words:

    "In 2001, after a six-month review, the parole board ruled that Venables and Thompson were no longer a threat to public safety and could be released on a life licence as their minimum tariff of eight years had expired that February.

    The decision was approved by David Blunkett, as the home secretary, and the two were given new identities and moved to secret locations under a witness protection-style programme.

    Their rehabilitation was regarded as a success for the criminal justice system."

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