20 January 2010


38 Degrees

Letter from the 38 Degrees Team that I like to think all Corfucian Irregulars will ponder over and act accordingly.

Quoth the 38 Degs worthies,

"Over 8,000 of us have now joined in our campaign for tough questions for Tony Blair when he appears in front of the Iraq Inquiry next Friday Jan 29.

The Inquiry panelists are feeling our pressure to make sure it's a chance to get real answers about his decision to invade Iraq, and not just another whitewash.

The more of us involved, the stronger the message we send. Together we can make sure the people asking the questions arrive next Friday morning determined to cut through the spin and demand real answers.

  • Millions opposed the war back in 2003.
  • Millions more who trusted Blair at the time later felt betrayed.
  • This is our chance to make the man who took us to war answer for his decision.

    Help build the pressure on Blair to face tough questions by asking your friends to get involved now ?

    Forward this email and get your friends to add their voices by clicking here. It's fast, it's easy, and your click could be the one to decisively tip the Poodle's snout into the puddle.

    The Iraq Inquiry panelists have an opportunity. If they decide to really challenge Blair, it will shed light on why the UK supported such a deadly and expensive war. It should make future leaders think twice about making the same choice. But if they give him an easy ride, it will mean key questions get brushed under the carpet. The more of us that demand tough questions, the more likely we are to stop them settling for spin.

    Last June Blair tried to persuade Brown to hold the Iraq Inquiry in secret. [see Independent report of secret Enquiry].

    When Brown proposed a secret inquiry, 38 Degrees members were part of the outcry that forced Brown to change his mind. It's thanks to people like us that Blair is being forced to answer questions in public at all - now together we can push the inquiry team to toughen up their questioning.

    38 Degrees members know what tough questions for Blair look like.

    Our favourites include

  • When did you first promise George Bush you'd back an invasion?
  • When did you really realise Saddam Hussein probably didn't have WMD?
  • Did you cover up advice that the war might be illegal?
  • Why did you decide to ignore the anti-war protests by the British people?

    We'll get our demands in front of the inquiry panel just before the former PM appears. We're going to pile on the pressure in every way we can: e-mails, phone calls, the media and protests on the day. By the time the panel arrive next Friday morning, they will know exactly how many of us want them to demand real answers from Blair.

    Please ask your friends to join over 8,000 people already supporting tough questions for Blair - forward this email and ask them to get involved here:

    Thanks for getting involved,

    The 38 Degrees Team"

  • So, on yer bike and get moving.

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