08 January 2010


Good God!

The school rock group I was heading in 1964 added this to our repertoire in time for Martyn Dyer-Smith to sing it at the St Mary's Burgess Hill gig - me on borrowed Hofner with heavy sweeping plectrum work over the f-hole.

I never realised Newman had done it - why would he? - and to have Knopfler on what sounds to be a pretty superfluous guitar presence ... go figure.

Mick and the Stones ~ Enough burblage! Watch and listen and tell me if it isn't the sexiest thing to which a 17-yr-old strummer far from home could be exposed.

Then let me offer the version with which I most enjoy plunking along - and believe me, I have no idea WHO  that sweet-faced unfortunate is, landed with that burdensome rack.

Carol ~ I can't leave this page without slipping in this ace Chuck Berry. Look at how sexy Mick is and how wonderfully unseriously the band mugs to camera.

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