21 January 2010


Suddenly it's everyone's birthday:

  • Hers

  • Mine

  • My girls'

  • What's up?

  • Or do I mean what's hanging increasingly down ?

  • Groan.

  • So I've put together a hefty aide-memoire  to which I can refer, not because I'm a fitness buff but because I hate the thought of Y'ALL getting ab'd and pec'd up with the advice below

    Sheer paranoid jealousy will drive me to the mat and away with the hooch and Havanas.

    • 10 best fitness sites

    • Avoid that spread ~ Your body in optimum shape at every age, including gruesome charting of what's happening to yer bod at 20, 30, 40, 50 and ... sob ~ 60

    • 20 foods you're not eating ~ actually it turns out I *am* noshing better than I thought.

    • Six-pack Abs: I never realised it was "Bostonian rough-houser Mark Wahlberg" that's to blame.

      Damn and blast his chiseled frame.

      Always confused him with Heath Ledger anyway.

    • Five habits by Tara Stiles - No idea what the habits are.

      I just like slipping in the ludicrously sexy Ms Stiles.

    • When I'm 64 ~ hey Jude, take it!

    • Sex Addiction - Speaking of the alluring Ms Stiles, whadabout that whole 'sex addiction' thang, yo?

      This here page is about health and fitness and beating all them addictive addictions like smoking and drinking so why can't we sneak sex in there?

      Loipon - Sex Addiction - real medical condition or just a really reelly great excuse?

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